Terms and Conditions

1.    Annual Enrolment

This course is a twelve month commitment. Members will have access to course modules and materials and Office Hours for one year from course start date. Office Hours and Events take place each week for the first three weeks of each month. There are no live meetings or events in the fourth (or fifth) week of the month and no meetings or events in July and December.  Members have the option of participating in live Office Hours, live drop-in co-working sessions, live meditations and other group events as announced.


2.    Payment

Members can pay in full or select a payment plan. If a Member using a payment plan decides to stop participating in the course, the Member remains responsible for completing the remaining payments in full.


3.    Participation Requirements

All members agree to follow community and course guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program. Memberships cannot be assigned to other parties. Members agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. Members agree to uphold these requirements and understand that if they violate them they may have their access to the course and/or events revoked without a refund.


4.    Right to Review

Kelly Diels and program staff have the right to review and edit event recordings and  transcripts and/or content added by members and reserves the right to remove content deemed oppressive or inappropriate. If the utterance is especially egregious, the Member's access to the course and events may be terminated without a refund.


5.    Member Privacy

Member understands that Office Hours and Events are recorded and will shared with other Members of the Course in the present and future. Members are welcome to opt-out of attending live events; or, if they attend, Members are welcome to turn their cameras off and/or change their screen name to preserve their privacy. The KellyDiels.com website and client portals use cookies to aid in the user experience. KellyDiels.com collects Member names, contact information and information about user behaviour in order to process payments and communicate with you. KellyDiels.com uses standard industry software services and apps to run this Membership; beyond that, Kelly Diels will not share Member information to any third parties not enrolled in the Membership. The exception to that is when the program is a joint venture, in which case Kelly Diels may share the Member list with her venture partner and Members may be allowed to participate in the venture partner's groups, classes and spaces. Kelly Diels will not sell Member information.