Terms and Conditions

1.    Annual Membership

We Are The Culture Makers 2022 is an annual membership from February 3 2022 to December 31 2022. Members will have access to three video lessons per month; Study Group Sessions in Weeks 1 & 2 of Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov; Group Coaching/Live Teaching Calls with Kelly Diels in Week 4 of Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov; four live guided meditation sessions each month in Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov; and a private group on Mighty Networks. Members have the option of participating in live, drop-in co-working sessions on an ad-hoc basis. There are no live meetings in July and December. The cost of the membership is $1,200 USD.


2.    Payment

Memberships are $1,200 USD. Member has elected to pay that amount in 12 monthly payments of $100 USD each. This is an annual commitment. If Member decides to stop participating in the Membership before December 31, 2023, Member remains responsible for completing the remaining monthly payments in full.


3.    Requirements

Access to the community spaces (such as the Mighty Networks group, comment threads, group calls) is open to members who have experienced misogyny. All members agree to follow community guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program. Memberships cannot be assigned to other parties. Members agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. Members who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces revoked, and/or may have their memberships terminated without a refund.


4.    Right to Review

Kelly Diels and program staff have the right to review any content added by members and reserves the right to take down content deemed oppressive or inappropriate, revoke access to community spaces, and/or terminate Memberships.


5.    Member Privacy

The KellyDiels.com website and client portals use cookies to aid in the user experience. KellyDiels.com collects Member names, contact information and information about user behaviour in order to process payments and communicate with you. KellyDiels.com uses standard industry software services and apps to run this Membership; beyond that, Kelly Diels will not share Member information to any third parties not enrolled in the Membership. Kelly Diels will not sell Member information to anyone.