02(c) – You ARE Time


This week in We Are The Culture Makers, we’re going to flip the script on our conditioned assumptions about time.

We’re going to exit the frame of chasing after time; of conceptualizing time as though it’s an external resource you need to manage; something you’ve got to earn; something you have to get permission to use; something you owe other people before you take it for yourself; or something you haven’t been using appropriately.

Instead of thinking of time as an external resource, we’re going to remember that when you cease to exist, your time ceases to exist. Which means your life IS your time (we speak of a ‘lifetime‘ for a reason). There’s no question about if you deserve your time; you ARE time.

And when you realize you ARE time, there’s no question about worthiness or worth-less-ness; there’s no question about whether or not your time belongs to you; or whether or not you’re entitled to you use your time for your purposes, first.

Instead, if you ARE time, the question becomes how do you want to express it in the world?

And the job becomes to protect it.

You don’t have to find time.

You don’t have to earn time.

You don’t have to chase time.

You don’t have to steal time.

You don’t have to hack time.

You are time.

What do you want to do with it? How will you  protect it? How do you want to express it in your life and the world as a Culture Maker?

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