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Money Bridge, Pay in Full
The Sequel to GOOD MONEY

Ok, so you've worked through GOOD MONEY and figured out the prices you need to be charging.

Now what?

How do you get customers to pay those rates?

And how do you stay out of the second-guessing/worry-spiral that might tempt you NOT to charge what you actually need to be paid?

That's what you'll learn how to do in MONEY BRIDGE.
MONEY BRIDGE contains two recorded training modules, one taught by Danielle Cohen and one taught by Kelly Diels.

In them you'll learn how to prepare yourself and your audience for the prices you need to charge (in your marketing message AND your nervous system) and how to cultivate demand for precisely what you offer, at the rates you charge.

You'll also walk away with a clear insight into your customer; their desires; how you get them results; your growth engine; and Your 2-page Marketing Plan to guide your yearly marketing activities.

* GOOD MONEY is a prerequisite for MONEY BRIDGE. MB is only open to people who've purchased the GOOD MONEY Course prior to June 2023
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